Saturday morning route. Jackson-49-Mokelumne Hill-26-Ridge Rd-Railroad Flat Rd-Sheep Ranch Rd-Sheep Ranch Avery Rd-4. Breakfast at Blue Coyote Cafe in. 4-Ebbetts Pass-89. Brews at Cutthroat Saloon in Markleeville. 89-Monitor Pass-395. Gas at Topaz Lake. 208-Wellington-338-395. Gas in Bridgeport. 395-108-Sonora Pass. Stopped in Dardanelle. Back on 108 to Jamestown for gas. Rawhide Rd-49-Jackson. ~330 miles.

Cutthroat Saloon in Markleeville. This was our 2nd stop during the DDMR after breakfast at the Blue Coyote Cafe in Arnold. We had all ridden over Ebbetts Pass. Just under the "Gift Shop" sign we can see Road Rage and JW hanging out. There were a lot of Harleys on both sides of the street with many of them enroute to/from the Brigeport Jamboree.

Out in front of the Cutthroat Saloon in Markleeville we have, from left to right; Road Rage, Papaboop, Mark, Indy, Wildman and JW doing their best to comply with that "Keep Noise Down" sign on wall. ;^)

Here's Papaboop and his tie-dye t-shirt with Road Rage behind his right shoulder on the bench. On the right, holding a plastic container of suds, is Indy. Papaboop rode all the way up from Santa Monica for the DDMR and this is his 2nd consecutive year. Road Rage hasn't missed a DDMR since his first one in '94. Indy put on ~420 miles riding out from Rocklin and back that same day. Some folks will do anything to avoid camping overnight. :)

Sitting on the bench in front of the Cutthroat Saloon are Huggy & Road Rage and their shades. Do they *really* like having their picture taken? NOT!

Gathered under the "Gift Shop" sign are Road Rage, JW, Huggy and Indy. The rattle can black sloptail right in front of them is JW's sled. Indy's Road King Classic on the right while Grumbler's barge is on the far left. Care to guess which scoot arrived in town first? =8^)

We all departed over Monitor Pass to Topaz Lake, got gas then, one group took Carson Pass back to Jackson while the rest of us droned through Nevada until the Walker River came into view. We took a butt break with Mike Plant at the Chevron in Bridgeport then followed Sonora Pass back to Jackson.